Your Pets Are in Good Hands

Trustworthy Pet Transportation

Your pet is not cargo or luggage and shouldn’t be treated as such. With our pet transportation services, your pet will be treated like the family member they are to you. The objective is to transport your pet from point A to point B, but we take our pet transport service further. We want to make your pet’s experience as smooth and luxurious as possible so they will be comfortable at all times


We understand you have plenty of options when it comes to pet transportation. However, you should never settle for the first door-to-door pet transportation service you find. Our pet taxi professionals treat your pets like family. This means ensuring they are comfortable whether they are going to the vet or traveling via airplane to reunite with you.

Pet-Spedia Transportation offers local pet taxi services in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas. We also provide nationwide pet ground transportation services and pet flight nanny services. No matter where your life takes you, we will ensure your pet comes along with you safely. We understand the challenges that come with owning a pet and particularly traveling with them. Your pet is family and they will be treated as such when in the care of our animal transport team.

We’re a Family

Not Your Basic Pet Relocation Company

Many pet relocation services have one goal, and that’s to get your pet from one point to another, collecting paychecks along the way. We’re different! We want to know what your pet likes and doesn’t like so we can keep them comfortable and stress-free on their journey. Our team takes great pride in being much more than just a dog transport service.

Our vision

We Offer Peace of Mind For You and Your Pets

With our dog courier service, you can enjoy total peace of mind. Not only will your pet arrive safely where they need to go, but they will enjoy complete comfort in the process. And we will keep you informed of how your pet is doing every step (and mile) of the way.

Our Mission

We Strive to Earn Your Trust and Respect

We understand trust and respect must be earned. When it comes to your pets, you can never be too cautious with who you let take responsibility for them. We are happy to provide referrals and answer any questions you may have. From cat transport to dog transport, local and long distance, we strive to earn your trust and respect.

Our Values