Reduce Stress For Your Pets

Specialized Pet Flight Nanny Services

Flying with pets can be stressful for both pet owners and the animal themselves. With the help of an experienced pet flight nanny, both of you can be comfortable and confident. Pet-Spedia Transportation provides pet flying services to safely transport your pet where they need to go. Our pet flight nanny is trained and has all the tools and resources to ensure safe pet travel.

At Pet-Spedia Transportation, we know how stressful pet air transport can be when you do it alone. You might not be used to taking your pet on an airplane, so your pet might act out of character as a result. Our pet flight nanny knows how to calm your pet down when they are feeling anxious so they can have a great experience.

Whether you need long distance pet transport across the country or even international pet transport, we have you covered. Your pet will be riding with an experienced and trained pet flight nanny in the cabin of the airplane. And we will keep you updated throughout the flight so you won’t have to wonder how the process is going.

Your Pets Are Treated Like Family

Worry-Free Pet Flight Nanny Services

We understand why you still might be a little nervous about using air pet transport services. You can rest assured your pet is in good hands. While you might be scrambling with kids or juggling your luggage on the airlines, our sole focus is on keeping your pet happy, safe, and comfortable.
Our vision

Giving Pet Owners Peace Of Mind

When you use our airline dog transport services, you’ll experience peace of mind that’s hard to find anywhere else. And when you’re traveling by air, nothing is more comforting than knowing your pet is in good hands.
Our Mission

Creating Relaxing Experiences For Pets

As stressful as it may be for you to think about handling your pet at the airport, it’s even more stressful for them. Our pet flight nanny knows how to work with animals in anxious situations to calm them down. Flying can be a stressful experience for animals, but not when they travel with our loving pet flight nanny.

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When you have air travel plans and your pet is coming with you, reach out to us to see how we can make the process seamless.